Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Traveling Bellydancer in India. Documentary Coming Soon!

Bohemian Birds, "The Travel Society for Curious Minds", selected me as their waxwing award winner this month! Here's what they said:

India, women and bellydancing in Finnish dancer’s documentary

Hailing from snowwhite Finland, Zaina Brown made her way into the bellydancing world on a journey to follow her dream. After years of traveling and practicing the enchanting art of bellydance across the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia, she is filming a documentary about India, bellydancing and being a snowwhite woman in the world’s second most populous country.

Simon van Woerden: “Miss Brown! How are things?”
Zaina Brown: “Good, I’ve been back in India now after a trip to Europe. I’m doing a show tonight - it’s Friday, right? And maybe some more work on the weekend.”
SvW: “So tell me about your documentary! You blog, you’ve published a book of your stories which received glowing reviews and now you’re fundraising for your film project - what’s the script, how is it going?”
ZB: “Yeah! The crowdfunding campaign actually ends in a few days so please tell your readers to send me a dollar or two if they can, haha. The film is about India, my work as a bellydancer, about how it’s different from the Middle East and the Arab world. I was interested in the country’s society, in how women who dance are perceived, what it’s like to be a western woman here...”
Read the rest of our chat HERE.